For the second time, Brandon Crawford answered one of my questions on his blog.  WOOHOO!!  Here’s my question:

“What is it like traveling so much and having to adjust to different beds and climates and time zones? Do you ever have issues sleeping? I know I do when I travel. Do you have any special things you do to help adjust?”

Here’s Brandon’s response:

“It is kind of tough to adjust sometimes. The time zone messes me up the most. We’ll have a game in Atlanta, let’s say, and we’ll get back to the hotel around 12 o’clock. I’m still wide awake because it’s 9 on the West Coast. To be honest, that happens even when we’re home. I can’t shut myself off right away after a game. It helps sometimes with the kids because they’ll wear me out a little bit and help me sleep. But on the road trips when they’re not there, and we’re on the East Coast, it’s hard to go to sleep. I’ll watch a movie or play a video game to wind down and get myself to sleep.

Some guys have trouble with different beds and pillows. But that hasn’t affected me that much.

We actually had a sleep doctor come in this spring and talk to us about some of those things. What I remember is you’re supposed to stay away from anything with light, which means TV, laptops and video games. But they help shut my brain off, so I still do it. I don’t remember what he said about time zones, but I don’t think there is really any way to adjust with as much travel as we do.

As for climates, we’re used to playing all over. You bring the clothes you need for that trip and you’re fine. And playing in San Francisco, we get every climate. Yesterday and today we have hot weather. And obviously we get a lot of cold nights and wind and fog. We get it all.”

Interesting that they had a sleep doctor come in and talk to them, but funny that Brandon basically ignored what he said!  I would have to agree with him, though.  When I can’t sleep, I get up and watch TV to wind down.  We have that in common!  Also cute that he said the kids wear him out.  Another thing I can relate to!  If you would like to read the entire blog, here’s the link.  I highly recommend subscribing as you can get some great insight into what goes on behind the scenes with our boys.

The boys have continued to impress with their play, maintaining their lead in the NL West.  New kid in town Tyler Colvin sure has made a splash – literally!  His first hit as a Giant was a splash hit homer!    He’s played in 8 games to date since being added to the 25-man roster on May 10th, and he’s batting .333.  Great to have someone on the bench who’s hot, especially since he and Gregor are filling in for Michael Morse who’s filling in for Brandon Belt.  Other guys have also been looking impressive offensively lately.  Pablo’s bat seemed to wake up once Brandon B. got injured and we needed him most.  His batting average over the last 7 days has been .393.  So excited about this.  We knew it was coming, but so glad it’s coming NOW!  Also Hunter has hit .406 over that same period.  And Gregor Blanco has been contributing as well since he started the left-field platoon with Tyler Colvin.  Of special note was his game on Wednesday where he stole three bases and scored three runs, something even Willie Mays never accomplished in his career.  It’s the first time that’s been done since 1991.  And the pitching has remained strong – both starters and relievers.  Sergio Romo has been a force, achieving his 15th save today.

Angel Pagan has continued to be the team’s driving force, also hitting amazingly with a .409 batting average over the last 7 days.  Unfortunately he was injured yesterday while attempting to dive for an outfield hit.  An MRI performed this morning showed that he has a sprained shoulder.  The Giants are taking it day-by-day and hoping he’ll be back in the lineup in time for Tuesday’s game.  Please, I hope this is true!  I was at that game yesterday and cringed when I saw him drop to the ground in pain after that dive.  Seriously don’t want that guy to sit out for ANY amount of time.  And I hate to say it, but I think my boy Andrew Baggarly may have jinxed Angel.  An hour before the game, Baggs posted an article specifically about Angel that included this quote:  “There’s absolutely nothing wrong with Angel Pagan.”  He was referring to his comeback after hamstring surgery last season.  Kind of creepy, don’t you agree??

In other injury news, Tim Hudson has been suffering from a strained left hip.  It appears he’s had this type of injury before and was being proactive about not having it get worse (he missed two months of play with the A’s during a previous bout with the same thing).  The Giants are hoping that he’ll be well enough to make his start this week against the Rockies.  He pitched off flat ground today and said the hip continues to improve.  Whew!  We need you, Tim!  Also Marco Scutaro had a procedure done on his back to try and relieve some of the pain.  Bochy described it as “a blood spinning thing,” but Andrew Baggarly comments that it’s different than the platelet-rich injections that athletes often receive to speed healing to injured areas.  They still have no timetable for his return to the team, though.  He does baseball activities for a few days, but then has to back off so he doesn’t overdo it.  Frustrating.

Our other injured boy, Brandon Belt, had an interesting thing happen to him on Friday night.  He now has his left thumb in a cast since he broke it when he was hit by a pitch.  He was in the dugout Friday night when a warm-up ball thrown toward the dugout by Michael Morse took a weird bounce and landed in the dugout – right on Belt’s cast!  He was in the dugout again on Saturday night, but took the precaution of wearing a helmet over his thumb!  According to Andrew Baggarly, Brandon B. has a new nickname – Chubbs (from the movie Happy Gilmore).  For those of you, like me, unfamiliar with this character, here’s a clip from the movie that explains the similarity.  And thanks for the heads up on this story, Ginny!

When relief pitcher David Huff was activated from the disabled list, unfortunately Dan’s boy Juan Perez went back down to Fresno.  Sigh.  Wonder how many times that’s going to happen this season?  Yo-yo times.

I went to the game yesterday with my sister and two of her kids (Rosey and Nicholas).  It was orange fedora day – I love mine!  I’m not really a hat person, but who wouldn’t love an orange fedora??  Nicholas enjoyed wearing his sideways (what a goofball), and one of the ushers told Rosey that she was the only person in the park who actually looked good wearing it!  Unfortunately my boys lost, bringing my season win/loss record down to 4 and 2.  Of course, we had a great time anyway.  We had club level seats, so we took advantage of the amenities, especially the food.  I had a SF Giants Roll from the sushi place (had them cut up the bok choy so it was easier to eat) and a glass of wine.  Keen and kids split some of the yummy caramel corn.  Two things stand out from this game.  First, there was someone playing a trumpet getting the crowd hyped up.  Whoever it was, they were amazing!  You rock, Trumpet Guy!  Second, there was a group of kids on the suite level that was the best cheering squad ever.  They would cheer for every Giants batter that came up as loudly as they could.  Those kids were true fans!  Of course, no game would be complete for me without the tallest man in the world sitting right in front of me.  I spent the majority of the game at a 45 degree angle so I could look around him.  I know it’s not your fault, tallest man in the world, but why am I so lucky??

The boys are going to Colorado to take on the Rockies next.  This series is so important as we now have a 3-game lead over the Rockies and we need to keep that intact.  I’m a bit concerned as last time we were in Colorado we lost 2 of 3.  But my boys have been playing better than ever, so I know a sweep there is a definite possibility.  Enjoy the long awaited day off tomorrow, Boys, then go get ‘em!  Until next time, GO GIANTS!!


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