Rocked by Rockies, Socked by White Sox, Bitten by Snakes

Ugh!  Swept by the Rockies and the White Sox and starting with a loss against the D-Bags.  Talk about June Swoon!  The last game they won was the one that Nick and I attended on June 12th (which was amazing and a ton of fun – even got to see a balk!).  And they’ve lost 9 of 11 since my sister left for France.  I think this means that my sister can’t go to Europe any more during the season, and I need to attend more games (my current record is 5 and 2)!  This is just awful!  And those blasted Dodgers are quickly creeping up on us!  We’ll see if anything changes today as my sis is due back in town right before today’s game starts.

Lots of roster moves since last I blogged.  David Huff was traded to the New York Yankees for cash.  He had ended the 2013 season with the Yankees, so at least he’ll be with guys he knows.  The Giants signed free agent Daniel Carbonell, a Cuban outfielder.  He’s not expected to reach the majors this year, but shows great potential as a 5-tool player who can give them some depth in the outfield.  My boy George Kontos was sent back down to Fresno when Santiago Casilla came off the disabled list.  I’m so glad to see Santiago back, but sad to see George “Cutie Pie” go.  He had done pretty well while up this time, but he had one horrendous game against the Nationals where he gave up 3 runs in 1 inning.  That may have left a sour taste in Bochy’s mouth.  Best of luck to George and David, welcome back Santiago, and welcome to the team Daniel!

In addition, it was announced today that Joe Panik will be called up from Triple A Fresno and added to the 40-man roster.  He may get some play at second base, a position where my boys have struggled recently in the offense department.  I can’t even imagine what that kid feels like today – finally getting called up to the big leagues.  WOOHOO!!  Congrats on finally making it, Kid!  Looking forward to seeing what you can do for this struggling team.

I was surprised that Marco Scutaro was in the clubhouse yesterday and took batting practice with the boys.  Word is that he may be back with the team sometime soon.  However I think everyone is resigned to the idea that he will be playing from the bench, not the starting second baseman.  And Brandon Belt may be back sooner than expected.  He also took batting practice yesterday, and remarked that with his changed grip on the bat, his thumb doesn’t get much bat vibration and isn’t causing him any pain.  Hooray for that!

I had a friend ask me why I thought the Giants might be struggling the past few weeks.  Tough question.  Injuries?  We did have Casilla out for a bit, and Cain was out for a couple of games, then there’s Angel’s back issues and Buster’s back issues as well.  But none of this was major and for an extended period of time.  Can it be the loss of Brandon Belt?  They were doing fine at first without him, but possibly putting Morse at first and having to put someone else in the outfield has been an issue.  Belt’s bat was also pretty hot when he left.  Or could it be the loss of Angel?  He hasn’t played for a while, and we all know what effect that had on the team last year.  Or is it the starting pitching?  All of them have had their issues this season, and even the guy who I thought had been the shining light, Tim Hudson, has fallen off a bit lately.  Or is it the relievers?  Romo’s two consecutive blown saves were so depressing.  Or is it the defense?  There have been so many more mental errors made lately.  Or did they come out so strong at the beginning of the season that they are all exhausted now?  Maybe all of these things together?  What do you think?  Or is there just something about the month of June??  Do they all just need a big hug??

There have been rumors that Brian Sabien may be considering a trade for Cubs starting pitcher Jeff Samardzija.  They would probably have to lose some high level prospects in order to do this, but the Cubs might be willing to trade as they are at the bottom of their division so far with a 31 and 40 record.  Samardzija   currently has a 2.78 ERA in 97 innings with a 90 to 29 strikeout-to-walk ratio.  I was rather surprised at this trade talk, though strong pitching would definitely be a help to this team right now.  Whose place would he take?  Timmy “The Franchise” Lincecum?  Or Ryan Vogelsong?  Will keep you posted if I hear anything.  Would hate to lose either of those guys, but I guess desperate times call for desperate measures.  Maybe I should start practicing spelling that last name (and pronouncing it correctly)!

I’ve got two new spit counts for you.  They are dedicated to the memory of Hall of Famer Tony Gwynn who lost his battle with mouth cancer at the age of 54 this week.  Gwynn believed he developed the cancer as a result of using smokeless tobacco.  He’ll feature in an informative spot being developed by MLB to share the dangers of smokeless tobacco.  He wanted to keep the same thing from happening to other guys.  Class act.  Such a tragic loss of an amazing player and person.  Rest in peace:

June 14th


–          Pagan 6

–          Colvin 4

–          Hicks 3

–          Posey 2

–          Sandoval 2

–          Romo 1

–          Bochy 1

–          ? 1


–          Barnes 6

–          Morneau 5

–          Tulowitzki 3

–          McKenry 3

–          Le Mahieu 3

–          Blackmon 3

–          Bergman 2

–          Weiss 2

–          Ottavino 2

–          Dickerson 1

–          Wheeler 1

–          Rutledge 1

–          ?1


–          Umpire 1

Game Spit Master General = Tie between Pagan and Barnes

That’s a total of 54 spits during a 3 hour and 25 minute game for an average of 1 spit every 3.8 minutes.

Colvin came in as a pinch hitter and still managed to log 4 spits.  Tulowitzki of the Rockies didn’t even play today but logged 3 spits.  They kept showing him in the dugout because he was injured yesterday.

June 15th


–          Colvin 19

–          Bumgarner 5

–          Sandoval 4

–          Lincecum 3 (all seeds)

–          Gutierrez 2

–          Perez 1

–          Hudson 1

–          Lopez 1


–          Blackmon 6

–          McKenry 4

–          Tulowitzki 3

–          Rosario 3

–          Morales 3

–          Le Mahieu 2

–          Culberson 1

–          Barnes 1

–          Nicasio 1

–          McKenry 1

–          Hawkins 1

–          ? 1


–          Umpire 1

Game Spit Master General = Colvin at 19

That’s a total of 64 during a 3 hour and 45 minute game for an average of 1 spit every 3.5 minutes.

I remembered Michael McKenry from previous spit counts – he has the talent of being able to spit through his catcher’s mask.  He logged one of his spits today that way.  Also, as Madison pitched today, I also did a snot rocket count – he blasted 9 today.

Juan Gutierrez was interviewed after this game, as he gave up his first runs at home this year (sigh).  The reason I mention it is that during the interview, Gutierrez obviously had a huge wad of tobacco in his mouth.  Check out the video (at the top of Baggs Instant Replay).  Really?  I love the guy and he’s doing wonderful things for the team, but you can’t spit out your wad before an interview?  So disgusting.

One ray of sunshine during all this misery – Buster shaved off that goatee.  It looks like he’s trying to grow something in again, but at least the baby face is back for now.  Hope the guys can get out of this funk and win some.  Will be watching this evening (may have to watch on Gameday as the TV is being dedicated to a Game of Thrones marathon this weekend!).  Come on, Guys!  We know you have it in you!  Take this series and get back on track!  GO GIANTS!!


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