All Quiet on the Trade Front (For Now)

The non-waiver trade deadline has come and gone, yet no trades were made by the Giants besides the Peavy trade.  Thank goodness at least that one was made considering the news on Matt Cain.  It’s sounding like he will be out the rest of the season.  He has bone chips in his elbow that have been causing inflammation, and it’s been recommended that he have surgery to remove them.  There’s no real reason for him not to have the surgery now as he’s not going to be able to pitch effectively with his elbow bothering him anyway.  Plus Andrew Baggarly made the point that if he has it now, he will hopefully be available for the next three seasons, seasons where he will be paid $20 million each.  It’s predicted that if he has the surgery now he would be available for Spring Training next season.  The Giants want to get the most bang for their buck, and personally I think Jake Peavy is pitching better than what we’ve seen Matt do with his injury this season anyway, so it puts them ahead for the rest of the season.  On a positive note, at least Cain’s elbow ligament seems to be in good shape, so there’s no Tommy John surgery in his foreseeable future.  I also like Peavy’s spunk – did you see how animated he gets when he pitches?  Plus he’s definitely easy on the eyes and so freakin’ excited to be on our team and to work with Bochy again.  Check out this interview Mindi Bach did with him when he got to SF.  How can you not love that guy??

So what do you think about Sabean’s inactivity before the non-waiver trade deadline?  There was so much speculation as to who we could acquire to fill in at second and in the outfield.  I guess the cost was too high.  Hopefully the guys on the team will realize that management is putting its trust in them to come through and get it back together so we can make it into the post season.  The fact that Brandon Belt and Angel Pagan are scheduled to rejoin the team in the next few days is definitely a plus.  And there may still be deals in the future where we can acquire guys off of waivers.  Who knows what Sabean has in store??

There’s been a lot of movement on the roster besides just the Peavy acquisition.  Marco Scutaro was put on the 15 day DL with lower back strain on July 25th.  So frustrating that we can’t have him regularly in the lineup.  Just shows you what an important part good health plays in maintaining a strong, contending team.  That same day Ehire Adrianza went back on the DL with a strained hamstring.  They were replaced with Dan Uggla and Tony Abreu in an attempt at getting something going at second base.  We know how that went – awfully!  Uggla played in 4 games, had 11 at bats, no hits, one walk, and 6 strikeouts.  He also committed 3 errors.  Not much magic there.  Abreu had 4 at bats in two games with no hits.  This resulted in Uggla being designated for assignment and Abreu being sent back to Fresno.  Epic fail.  Hector Sanchez went on the 7 day DL with a concussion on July 26th.  That poor kid takes so much abuse in the head when he catches Timmy.  Sanchez was replaced with cutie Andrew Susac from Fresno.  Adam Duvall was optioned to Fresno on July 29th.  I liked that kid and wish he had gotten more of a chance to show off his stuff, but I guess they had to clear the way for Belt coming back.  Tyler Colvin was designated for assignment (spit counts will make a drastic drop now), and Juan Perez has made a comeback up to the bigs.  Travis Ishikawa has also come up with the big guys to cover for Belt.  He played yesterday at the end of the game, filling in for Morse.  Glad to see him back – Ishikawa played first base for the Giants from 2006 to 2010, earning a World Series ring in the process.

A couple of youngsters were added to the team yesterday – Matt Duffy and Jarrett Parker (Age 23 and 25 respectively), both coming from the Richmond Flying Squirrels.  Both had impressive records there, so it will be interesting to see how that translates to the big leagues.  Duffy will be covering 2nd base and Parker is an outfielder.  Guess the Giants are willing to try anything to get the team back in shape.  I remember both these guys from Spring Training – Duffy because he looks like he’s about 12 and Parker because he hit an amazing grand slam at Scottsdale Stadium over the tremendously high center field wall.  Hopefully we’ll see some of that power in SF.  Duffy already had his first start at second yesterday, and he did impress, both offensively and defensively.  He got his first big league hit, an RBI single.  He also turned a double play and made a beautiful line drive catch.  Welcome, Matt and Jarrett!  Maybe some youth is the secret to turning this team around.

For the second year in a row, Hunter Pence received the Giants Heart and Hustle Award.  The award is given annually to one member of each team to honor players who demonstrate passion for the game and best embody baseball’s values, spirit, and tradition.  That is the definition of who Pence is.  It is the only award in Major League Baseball that is voted on by former players.  Congratulations, Hunter!  So well deserved!

I guess I’m not always on the forefront of Giants news.  I learned the news of Mike Krukow’s ailment from some national broadcasters as I watched the last Giants/Dodgers game.  I was texting my siblings at the time, and they said they all already knew about it.  How embarrassing!!  They referred me to Alex Pavlovic’s article about it in the San Jose Mercury news.  Kruk suffers from the degenerative muscle disease inclusion-body myositis, which causes progressive weakness in muscles in the wrist, fingers, thigh, and foot.  He was diagnosed eight years ago, but kept it private until now.  It’s not fatal, but he will eventually not be able to walk unassisted.  When asked by KTVU for an interview for a story they were doing on him, he said he didn’t want the attention focused on him.  Just like Kruk.  He just wants to try and maintain as normal a life as possible.  I know he’ll have the support of every single Giants fan.  Hang in there, Kruk.  We all love you!!

I’ve got two new spit counts for you.  The results should surprise you:

July 24th


  • Sandoval 3
  • Posey 2
  • Adrianza 2
  • Scutaro 2
  • Hudson 1
  • Gutierrez 1
  • Duvall 1


  • Ruf 5 (all into batting glove)
  • Howard 3 (didn’t even play this game!)
  • Rollins 1
  • Byrd 1
  • Asche 1

Game Spit Master General = Ruf at 5

Giants Game Spit Master General = Sandoval at 3

That’s a total of 23 spits during a 2 hour and 45 minute game for an average of 1 spit every 7.2 minutes.

August 1


  • Duffy 5


  • Niese 3
  • d’Arnaud 2
  • Black 1


  • Umpire 1

Game Spit Master General = Duffy at 5

That’s a total of 12 spits during a 2 hour and 5 minute game (Vogey pitched a gem!) for an average of 1 spit every 10.4 minutes.

Duffy plays in his first game and wins the spitting crown for the day.  Granted the cameras were on him a lot as it was his debut, but still.  This is the first time ever only one player on the Giants has been caught spitting.  So interesting that these 2 games had some of the lowest spitting averages ever.  I’ve definitely noticed a downward trend in spitting recently, and I think it may correlate with the death of Tony Gwynn.  Will be interesting to see if this continues.  I hope so!!

I went to the first game of the recent Pirates series with my sister.  We had the best seats I’ve ever sat in – Premium Lower Box between home and third.  We had a great time as usual, but too bad the boys couldn’t win it for us.  My season record now stands at 5-4.  Gotta at least stay above .500!!  We’re off to a good start against the Mets, and we need to sweep them since they have a worse record than we do.  Have to keep doing that!  Hopefully Belt and Pagan coming back will make an impact, and the new energy of the kids will spark something.  We are still in this!!!  Always faithful!  GO GIANTS!  SWEEP THE METS!!


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