We’re Still In This!

I asked them to take at least 3 of 4 from the Rockies.  They did that.  I hoped they could take the series from the Brewers, thinking this was a long shot as the Brewers were in first place in their division at the time.  They swept them.  THEY SWEPT THEM!!!  Is this sweet or what?  If they can keep this up, we can win the division, especially if the Dodgers keep losing.  But we can’t count on that – we just have to keep winning.  And I think they have all the pieces now to make that happen.  They have to keep taking series, from both good and bad teams.  They lost the first one to the Rockies today (even though they battled to the end), but they can still take the series.  They NEED to take the series.  We need to win the division – wildcard isn’t good enough.  It’s too scary – you play a one game to get in, probably using up your best pitcher to do it, then you are weaker when you start the division playoffs.  Not acceptable.  We have to win, and we can.

Why can we?  Again, all the pieces have come together.  We finally have a solid second baseman in Joe Panik.  We finally have a solid backup catcher in Andrew Susac.  We finally have a solid backup second baseman in Travis Ishikawa.  Jake Peavy, Ryan Vogelsong, and Tim Hudson are finally getting some run support.  All the starting pitchers have done an outstanding job lately, with 3 of them pitching near perfect games (Bumgarner, Peavy, and Petit).  We’ve got Angel back, and boy is he back!  All the bats have woken up.  In that Brewers series, they scored a total of 31 runs!  And that’s against a first place team!  And now that they can call up guys from the extended roster, the relievers can get some relief.  Today Hunter Strickland pitched, and granted he gave up some hits in his first big league game, but he didn’t allow any runs, and that is key.  Plus I love that kid – I met him at Spring Training and got his autograph.  He signed autographs for everyone who wanted one, and he was so cordial.  And he’s built like Madison Bumgarner – he’s a stud!  Plus he’s a cutie pie!  Word is that we’ll see a lot of him this September – hope he succeeds in the bigs (even though he did appear to be chewing tobacco today – hoping it was just gum – will have to investigate further).

I was lucky enough to go to two of the Brewers games this weekend.  Seriously, I assumed they would lose both (I hate to admit that):  the first one because the Brewers’ starting pitcher (Mike Fiers) had an ERA below 2 (which we proceeded to raise!) and the second because I thought there was no way we could sweep that team.  I should know better than to underestimate my boys!  What a fantastic time I had.  That one inning in the game on Sunday seemed to go on forever.  But I felt so great that the boys were getting hits and moving guys along.  Fantastic!  Plus there were so many beautiful defensive plays that they made.  Plus I almost witnessed a no hitter on Saturday.  Talk about heaven for me!!  My win-loss record for this season now stands at 7 – 4.  WOOHOO!!  Not bad!

Have to share this video of my boy Mike Morse that has been making its way around the MLB news.  Here you go.  He is such a crack up!  I hope he didn’t hurt his hip seriously today so that he can be back in the lineup tomorrow.  Love his energy.

I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned this, but I have another baseball trip planned with my siblings.  We’re going to 2 Giants games in San Diego, then a Monday night Giants game in LA near the end of September.  I am so excited, and with the way things have been going, I’m hoping the games will actually count for something.  We’re only 2 games behind LA – we can easily make that up, even in the next few days as we are playing the Rockies and they are playing the Nationals.   Yes we can!  So go out there and take this series, Boys!  You can do it!  GO GIANTS!!  GET AHEAD OF THE DODGERS!!


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