The Thrill of Victory…

…and the excruciatingly painful agony of defeat against the Dodgers.  Talk about rollercoaster!  One day I’m yelling “YEAH!” at the TV every 5 minutes, then the next day I’m turning it off so as not to get an ulcer.  I don’t want to discuss today’s game (it was brutal enough to go through once), so let’s focus on yesterday.  Weren’t my boys fantastic???  Madison pitched a stellar game, giving up only 3 hits and 2 walks in 7 innings while striking out 9 in his shutout of those jerks from LA.  Juan Gutierrez finished them off in the last 2 innings, not allowing any hits and striking out 2.  And what a hit fest it was for us!  All the starters (except Madison and of course Angel because I picked him as one of my Beat the Streak picks for the day) got at least one hit.  Brandon Crawford homered and Travis Ishikawa(bunga!) got a splash hit.  Sweetness!

OK, maybe I should mention today’s game, especially since my sister, my brother-in-law, and my niece had the misfortune of being there in person.  For you three, I’ll stick with the positives:

  • Pagan started off the game with a double. I actually got to text “YEAH!” to my siblings at this point.
  • Just about every September callup guy on the team got to play in this game. That’s a positive – they got some real practice.
  • My sister et. al. got to witness Brett Bochy’s major league debut – the first time in baseball history a father manager handed the ball to his pitching son. And Bochy struck out Puig.
  • The Dodgers didn’t score any runs in the innings that Erik Cordier and Chris Heston pitched (even though they scored at least 2 in the innings of the other pitchers – but I shouldn’t mention that).
  • My niece got a cool Giants cup with a baseball lid as a giveaway.
  • My brother-in-law got to experience AT&T Park caramel corn for the first time.
  • Bruce Bochy wasn’t fired (my mom was calling for this once Timmy came into the game).
  • I wasn’t doing a spit count, so I didn’t have to watch the entire game.
  • Um…The Dodgers didn’t beat their all time record for hits in one game against the Giants (they only tied it).

See????  There’s always a bright side!  If you have any other positives to share from today’s game, please list them in the comments.  They will be greatly appreciated!

Moving on to other things, two of my boys made National news recently.  Madison Bumgarner was named NL Pitcher of the Month for August.  This is the second time this year he has received this honor.  According to Alex Pavlovic, “Bumgarner went the distance in three of his six August starts and finished the month 4-1 with a league-best 1.57 ERA. He led the league in innings (46), WHIP (0.63) and strikeouts (56) while walking just three batters. Opposing batters hit .163 against Bumgarner in August. He struck out 12 more batters than the next best pitcher, Dodgers ace Clayton Kershaw.  On Aug. 26, Bumgarner nearly added a historic feat to the outstanding month, taking a perfect game into the eighth inning of a game against the Colorado Rockies.”  Then yesterday he reached 208 career strikeouts, passing Ray Sadecki (206 in 1968) for the most strikeouts by a left-handed Giants pitcher in the San Francisco era.  Also Buster Posey was named NL Player of the Week  for the week ending September 7th.  According to, “Posey was Baseball’s top hitter last week, posting a .565 batting average (13-for-23) while leading the NL in hits, runs scored (8) and total bases (22). The 27-year-old also had the League’s second-highest slugging percentage (.957) last week and ranked among League leaders in on-base percentage (3rd, .593) and RBI (T-3rd, 8). On Tuesday, Posey’s season-high four RBI led the Giants to a 12-7 victory at Colorado. The Georgia native clubbed a pair of doubles and a home run in the contest. He continued to swing a hot bat into San Francisco’s weekend series at Detroit, marking a renewal of the 2012 Fall Classic. On Friday, Posey collected a pair of hits and scored a run in an 8-2 victory. In Saturday’s outing, the two-time All-Star went 3-for-4 with two runs scored and his 20th homer of the season in the Giants’ 5-4 victory. It was his fifth multi-hit outing of the week and second three-hit game in that span. With the impressive week, Posey raised his average to .309 for the season, which ranks fourth in the NL. This is his third career weekly award (also: July 11, 2010 and June 30, 2013).”  Always love to see my boys make the National news.  Way to go, Guys!!

I’ve got a new spit count for you (thankfully – from yesterday’s game).  Here you go:

September 12th


  • Vogelsong 7 (no, he didn’t pitch – all from the dugout)
  • Pagan 6
  • Sandoval 6
  • Posey 3
  • Bumgarner 3
  • Sanchez 2
  • Arias 2
  • Morse 2 (thankfully just seeds)
  • Quiroz 1
  • Righetti 1


  • Perez 3
  • Turner 2
  • Guerrero 1
  • Ramirez 1
  • Puig 1
  • Pederson 1


  • Umpire 1

Game Spit Master General = Vogelsong at 7

That’s a total of 43 spits during a 3 hour game for an average of 1 spit every 4.2 minutes.

Vogey joins his buddy Tim Lincecum as the only pitchers to earn the Game Spit Master General Award while not even playing in the game.  I was sad that Mike Morse got caught today, but thankfully his spits were only from him spitting out sunflower seeds (still yucky, but not as bad as tobacco or saliva).  And as this was a Bumgarner start, I also did a snot rocket count – Madison logged 5 today.

Before this Dodger series began, I predicted the outcome of these three games.  I figured with Madison and Huddy pitching the first two, we had a chance to take them, but a win against Kershaw on Sunday would be a long shot.  I’m batting .500 so far.  After the outcome of today’s game, I’m going to make a new prediction for tomorrow.  I really think that as well as Petit has been pitching, he can pitch at least 6 shutout innings to the Dodgers and then the bullpen can maintain the shutout until the end of the game.  All we have to do is score one run off of Kershaw.  I think that is possible with the way the guys have been hitting (ignore today’s game).  That’s what I’m hoping for.  I want us to end this series one game behind the Dodgers, not three.  I really think we can do it.  Go out there and do it, Boys!  DO IT!!!  Give us a Friday night replay!  GO GIANTS!  TAKE THE SERIES!


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