We Snapped THEIR Streak!

Couldn’t go to bed without blogging about how well my boys did tonight against their number one rival.  Guess that off day after two straight weeks of play did them some good!  So many wonderful things happened tonight.  I was in heaven watching – it was like the post-season last year!  And they did it against the Dodgers, snapping their 7-game winning streak.  Life is beautiful!  Since I enjoy lists, gonna make a list of just some of the wonderful things that happened in this game:

– There were 4 double plays made in this game.  One involved a great catch by Buster.  One involved an amazing glove toss by Brandon Crawford to Joe Panik to Buster.  Spectacular!

– Justin Maxwell made a beautiful catch of Yasiel Puig’s foul fly ball, crashing into the concrete at the bottom of the wall knee first.  Even Puig applauded.

– Justin Maxwell also hit a homerun, and this was after he had hit the wall.  I think that guy is going places.

– Timmy pitched a great game.  That’s always something to cheer for.

– They played small ball again tonight.  They kept moving the line along, and that’s what this team needs to do to win.  Six guys got two hits each.

– They got 6 runs tonight.  6 in one game.  They only had 21 in the previous 11 games.


Going to head off to bed now so I can dream my sweet Giants dreams.  Tomorrow it’s Bumgarner against Kershaw.  Should be a good one.  Hope a fire has been lit.  They always seem to do better when they have a challenge.  I’m so happy, and so proud of my boys!  Until next time, GO GIANTS!!!  BEAT LA!


One comment

  1. jimsgin

    They did so good, I also hope this is the start of many wins. We will love them anyway because we know they can do it, they sometimes just keep us hanging until the end. GO GIANTS!

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