Can I start with a WOOHOO!!!  They swiffered the Angels!  They’re only one game from being at .500 for the season!  And they did it on a Timmy start!  I was watching the game at my mom’s house today, and she hates Timmy.  Of course, the only game we took her to last season, Timmy started.  Anyway, the game started, and she asked, “Who are we playing?”  I said, “The Angels.”  She said, “Again?” I guess she doesn’t get that they play the same team three or four days in a row because she knew they played the Angels yesterday.  Then I cringed as I anticipated the next question.  “Who’s pitching?”  I said, “Your favorite.”  Thus started the groaning and the whining.  But boy did that kid prove her wrong!  What a great start – he went eight innings, only gave up 3 hits and 1 walk (which was so out of the ordinary for him), and got 2 hits and a walk himself to boot!  So happy for him.  You could see his body language was so positive, and he was smiling the entire game, especially at first base!  And how can you not love 2 home runs by Aoki and Panik to start off a game?  That was amazing!  So glad that Aoki was interviewed after the game by Amy G.  That guy never gets any credit.  Did you see how when his interpreter thought Amy asked how to say “sweet” in Japanese (she actually said “sweep”) he dropped a cuss word and the interpreter was shaking his finger at him?  Love how real he is!  So happy for my boys.

You know how I mentioned that the game yesterday ended with a guy running from first to second got hit by a ball from the batter, causing him to be out?  Well, even though this happens rarely, the exact same thing happened in the Dodgers vs. Diamondbacks game yesterday.  And the same thing happened in another game played yesterday, but it wasn’t the game ending play.  Craziness!

Did anyone notice that Vogey finally shaved his crazy Wilson-like beard off?  I haven’t seen him yet, but Alex Pavlovic reported on this yesterday.  I am ecstatic – I hated that thing.  Can’t wait to see him officially clean-shaven again.  He looks so much better that way.  And did you see how Timmy did his post-game interview today with this huge headband covering most of his head?  I think it’s because he hates his haircut and he’s covering up the bald.  Must be.  Hope the hair grows in quickly for him so he can have a redo.

I had the privilege of meeting George Kontos today at Lefty’s in Burlingame, but I have to say it wasn’t really a memorable experience.  It went by so fast!  And I didn’t even realize he was wearing his World Series ring until I got home and looked at the pictures on my phone (they took pictures of me with my phone – one was blurry and I’m talking in the other).  I would have loved to look at it up close.  So disappointing.  He is a doll though.  I met a woman there from the Gamer Babes Facebook page, and she loves George, so I was even more excited for her than I was for myself.  She seemed very happy with the experience.  Not sure I would do it again.  I had all these questions and comments ready for him but just didn’t have the time.  I thanked him for responding to his tweets (he’s responded to several of mine) and gave him one of my rubber band bracelets and he thanked me, but that was about it.  Sigh.

Tomorrow starts the series against the Padres.  Their offense has gotten a lot better this season, but they have major holes in their defense, especially in the outfield, and their bullpen.  Hopefully we can take advantage of those holes and keep playing the small ball that we are so good at.  And those homers every once in a while don’t hurt!  Come on, Guys!  You can do it!  A win tomorrow means the win-loss slate has been wiped clean.  GO GIANTS!  BEAT THE PADRES!


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  1. jimsgin

    How exciting for you at Lefty’s. Couldn’t happen to a more deserving fan. It was a great game and yes they can do it. GO GIANTS!

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