Mighty Casey Has Struck…BACK!!

I have to thank Greg Papa from Comcast SportsNet for today’s title.  That’s what he exclaimed at the end of yesterday’s game.  And with what I’ve been saying about Casey McGehee, I thought it was just too appropriate.  Finally!  McGehee shushes his critics and blasts a grand slam, allowing Timmy to relax and pitch a great game.  It was so great to see his fist pump as he rounded first – you could visualize the weight being lifted off of him.  He ended up with one other hit last night (not going to mention the two double plays he hit into afterwards as we are focusing on accentuating the positive, plus we were far ahead at that point anyway.).  I think the guy was close to tears in his post-game interview with Amy G.  Check it out.  And it was so appropriate that Casey got his slump-busting homer on the evening he was presented with his Comeback Player of the Year award for last season.  Nice comeback, Kid.  Hope the fans lay off you for a bit.  Wish I could give you a big hug.  And hope the hitting continues.

I was wondering if it was McGehee’s first grand slam (someone mentioned this yesterday – can’t remember who), so I scanned the internet and came across this video.  Guess it wasn’t his first.  So funny.  The reaction of these guys is priceless.

I was listening to KNBR this morning and Bill Laskey and Vida Blue were hosting.  I really enjoy listening to them and getting their point of view.  Vida pointed out an interesting fact that I hadn’t thought of.  They were talking about how Casey’s been grinding trying to fill Pablo’s shoes and playing for the first time on his home team.  Vida mentioned that it can be tough for a guy who’s playing near his family because you are constantly bombarded with ticket requests.  I could see how that could put you under a lot of extra pressure and distract you.

I also found out from Bill Laskey this morning that Matt Duffy changed his number from 50 to 5.  Typically rookies wear the higher numbers, with some exceptions being George Kontos (70) and Barry Zito (75).  Guess Duffy’s just making it official that he’s a big boy now!

It was so great to see Michael Morse receive his World Series ring before the game on Thursday.  There is still so much love for that guy from everyone connected to the Giants, including the management, the players, and the fans.  Love that they played “Take On Me” after he received the ring.  He was acting like a little kid at Christmas!  Miss him so much.  I’ll get to see him in person tomorrow as I’ll be celebrating Mother’s Day with my sister in the stands at AT&T Park.  WOOHOO!

Since I last blogged, they went 2 for 3 against the Padres and they’ve gone 1 for 2 so far against the Marlins.  Pitching overall has been better (even though Heston and Hudson got lit up this week).  I’m most impressed with Timmy, who frankly I was most concerned about at the beginning of the season.  The guy’s got a 2.00 ERA on the season!  Also, some of the bats have awoken, most notably Brandon Belt’s.  He’s had multiple hits in four of his last five starts.  He’s gotten his batting average up to .308.  They just need to keep winning series, and they’ll get back on track.  Right now they’re at exactly .500 – hopefully next time I blog, they’ll move over to the winning side.  Today’s game should be good with Madison on the mound.  Until next time, GO GIANTS!  REEL IN THE FISH!



  1. mannyax

    We were at the game yesterday. I guess when the family comes the Giants hit grand slams We were at the game last year when Baum and Posey both hit grand slams


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