Getting the Broom Ready

A win against the Dodgers is always extra sweet.  And a win against the Dodgers when Buster Posey hits a grand slam is just as sweet as can be!  Did you all love that game last night?  Those guys from down south always seem to bring out the fight in my boys.  What joy, especially since we’ve pulled back within a game and a half of them.  If we sweep them (again – ha ha!), we can take over the lead.  They’ve shown that they can do it – I’m keeping hopeful.  Pitching is getting back on track and the bats are batting again.  It could happen.

Since I last blogged, they listened to me and took 2 of 3 against the Mets (nice job!), were swept by the D-Bags (sigh), and split the series with the Mariners.  We’ve had some injury woes with Hunter having tendonitis in his left wrist (he was shown in the dugout wearing a splint yesterday during the game) and Gregor Blanco receiving a concussion during practice.  The Blanco injury was freaky – last season, Brandon Belt was hit in the head by a throw from Marco Scutaro during practice, and recently Gregor was hit in the head by a throw from Belt during practice.  Hey guys – be a bit more careful out there please!  Such a waste when guys are injured and it’s not even during a game.  Hunter will be out for a bit longer, but Gregor was back in the game yesterday and went 2 for 4 – sweet!  Gregor has really been an underrated asset to the team this season, and he was missed while he was out.  Jarrett Parker came up to cover for him while he was out, and though his offensive performance wasn’t great, he was able to log his first major league hit.  I’ll never forget the grand slam we saw him hit at Spring Training last year.  Maybe getting his feet wet will make his next call up more productive.

I enjoyed watching the Mariners game this Wednesday that pitted our boy Madison against the Mariners’ ace Felix Hernandez.  Great pitching is always fun to watch.  Bummer that Madison did such a great job, not allowing a hit until the 5th inning, giving up just 2 runs on 4 hits and striking out 9 only to log a loss.  I hate when that happens.  Hernandez was impressive, though.  Gotta give credit where credit is due, even if it’s to a guy on the opposing side.  I loved the King’s Court they do in Seattle.  What team spirit they have!  When Hernandez pitches, they have a section of seats they call the King’s court (they call Hernandez King Felix).  Just about everyone in that section wears bright yellow shirts with Ks on them, and when the count gets to 2 strikes, they stand up and hold K signs.  Love that!  Unfortunately for us, I think the court worked a little too well that night!

I have a new bond with Nori Aoki.  He and I have the same nickname – Seaweed.  The broadcasters mentioned Nori’s nickname during the game last night.  They mentioned that the guys on the team call him this because Nori in Japanese means seaweed.  My brother Paul started calling me Seaweed (actually C-weed) when I was a kid because he is the king of the nickname and my name starts with a C and he’s just goofy like that.

Sending my condolences to Roberto Kelly on the death of his mother-in-law.  He’s been out the last couple of days, being replaced as 3rd base coach by assistant batting coach Steve Decker.  You and your family are in my thoughts.

I was able to attend the Mariners game on June 15th with my son, my husband, and a family friend.  We had the sweet Club Level seats that my hubby gets occasionally.  Took advantage of being on that level and had an SF Giants Roll for dinner and strawberry shortcake for dessert.  Yum!  Unfortunately, they lost.  Even though I always have a good time at AT&T, there really was nothing to get excited about during that game.  Our friend was hoping to see my usual, over-the-top antics at a game, but besides the two of us starting the “Let’s Go Giants” chant a couple of times, the game was blah.  No offense or defense to thrill us pretty much at all.  That loss brings my season record to 2 and 2.  Gotta get that average up!

Learned about a new stat the other day from the broadcasters during a game.  There’s a stat that takes into account how well a catcher frames a ball – how well, by moving his mitt into the strike zone after catching a pitch, a catcher can make a ball look like a strike.  This sounds like it would be something of interest to a prospective team and could definitely make a difference to the outcome of a game.  And our boy Buster ranks up there with the best.  Just one more reason to love that guy and appreciate what he does for us.

Had to share this article that I read about Chris Heston’s no hitter.  It’s written by Grant Brisbee who is as fond of lists as I am.  This guy is a crackup – I’m so happy I’ve discovered his writing.  #26 and #44 are my favorites.  Hope reliving that moment in our history brings you as much joy as it did me.  Also realized something that I think I should have known by now.  Did any of you know that Sergio Romo’s youngest son has cerebral palsy?  He mentioned it in this video about the Giants Challenger Clinic, where kids with special needs can learn to play baseball.  Bullpen coach Mark Gardner and Tiny Felder also volunteered at the camp.  I blogged about the fact that Casey McGehee has a son with cerebral palsy, but I didn’t know about Sergio’s son.  Maybe he likes to keep it personal.  Hope they can receive some support from each other.

Remember how I posted the video of Matt Duffy getting punched in the privates by Matt Cain at the White House?  Well, Brandon Crawford actually addressed this issue in his last blog.  He confirmed that it was Matt Cain (and not him) who did this, and called this activity a “turkey tap.”  I had never heard of this term before, plus I didn’t realize this was such a popular activity with my boys.  Can all the guys out there tell me if this is just a guy thing??  What a bunch of goofballs!  Glad they have fun tormenting each other.  Gotta keep it light I guess.

I was flattered to be pinged by blogs another 2 times, but there was an unfortunate error in the most recent blog.  They referred to my blog about Chris Heston’s no hitter, saying “What happens when Giants Fan Carm doesn’t check his phone during a Giants no-hitter?”  His.  I commented on the article, saying, “Just FYI – Giants Fan Carm is a she, not a he.  Yes, women actually do write blogs about baseball.”  I couldn’t let the error stand, but it didn’t really bother me.  I’ve had it happen before.  But the guy that wrote the article, Jacob Wilson, was so embarrassed by the mistake that he sent me an Email apologizing profusely, saying that he mixed up my blog with another Giants blog and he felt particularly awful because their site highlights women bloggers.  He also immediately changed the “he” to a “she” in the blog.  I thought that was pretty cool.  And again, I am so honored to have even been recognized by them.  Thanks for the respect, Jacob.

I’ve got two new spit counts for you, and both were responsible for some bubble bursting.  Here you go:

June 17th


  • McGehee 5
  • Bumgarner 4
  • Duffy 3
  • Pagan 2
  • Aoki 1
  • Parker 1
  • Belt 1
  • Pence 1 (in dugout – burst bubble number 1)
  • Wotus 1


  • Hernandez 6
  • Cano 2
  • Cruz 2
  • Zunino 2 (into batting glove)
  • Miller 1
  • Morrison 1


  • Safeco Field Usher 1 (into cup)

Game Spit Master General = Hernandez at 6

Giants Game Spit Master General = McGehee at 5

That’s a total of 34 spits during a 2 hour and 25 minute game for an average of 1 spit every 4.3 minutes.

Yes, Hunter burst my first bubble.  He’s one of the guys who I almost never catch spitting, yet he got caught for the first time this season today.  And he wasn’t even playing in the game – he was in the dugout!  Oh, the disappointment!  Madison logged 9 snot rockets during this game.  That’s a record for him this season.  Somehow even though Casey hasn’t been playing much, he still managed to be crowned King Spitter for the Giants today.  Plus, what is up with that usher?  He was obviously chewing on the job and spitting into a cup.  Aren’t there rules against that??

June 19th


  • Bochy 4
  • Meulens 4
  • Belt 4
  • Posey 3
  • Heston 3
  • Aoki 3 (all sprays)
  • Pagan 2
  • Vogelsong 1 (wasn’t even pitching)
  • Duffy 1
  • Panik 1 (Say it ain’t so!!!)


  • Ethier 6
  • Pederson 3
  • Grandal 2
  • Gonzalez 2
  • Kershaw 2 (also wasn’t even pitching)
  • Puig 1
  • Bolsinger 1
  • Nicasio 1
  • Callaspo 1

Game Spit Master General = Ethier at 6

Giants Game Spit Master General = 3-way tie between Bochy, Meulens, and Belt at 4

That’s a total of 45 spits during a 3 hour and 20 minute game (Dodgers games always seem to go longer) for an average of 1 spit every 4.4 minutes.

The bubbles continue to be poked!  Joe Panik logged his first spit EVER today.  And it was a big, fat one.  I had such high hopes for the kid.  Also why do I always catch pitchers who aren’t pitching spitting in the dugout?  Stop that!!!  Even though you should never do it anyway, there is no excuse for this activity.

I’ve got my broom at the ready for the sweeping that’s going to happen the next couple of days.  Won’t it be sweet for our banner to be on top at AT&T again?  Positive thoughts, positive thoughts for the two more games we need to win.  You can do it boys.  Keep on fighting.  GO GIANTS!  SWEEP THE DODGERS!



  1. mannyax

    You mention the Giants are a game and a half behind the Dodgers and a win will put them in first. Actually it will put them 1/2 game back Manny


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