I was performing my usual morning routine of scrolling through Facebook postings the other day, and I noticed that the Giants were asking for questions for Kruk and Kuip.  They mentioned that some of the questions would be asked of the guys during the broadcast that day.  Never wanting to pass up on an opportunity to interact with anyone associated with my favorite team, I came up with a question and posted it:  “What was the most memorable moment of your career for each of you?”  I thought it would be interesting to get some insight into their playing careers since they are so good at what they do we often forget that they did actually play the game at one time.  I was bummed because I knew I wasn’t going to be able to see the game that afternoon, so I would never know if they answered or not and if they did, what their answers were.

While I was at lunch with some friends, I got an email from a former coworker telling me that she saw my question during the game and just wanted to send a note and let me know she was thinking about me.  Then I got a text from my brother with a screen shot he took during the game with my name and the question.  KRUK AND KUIP ANSWERED MY QUESTION!!  And thankfully, my brother was taping the game so I was able to see what their responses were (he’s so awesome that he actually recorded it for me using his phone and sent it to me so that I could see it right away!!).  Thanks to both Andrea and Nick for letting me know, otherwise I would have been clueless about the whole thing!

Kruk answered that his most memorable moment was when he pitched in game 4 of the playoffs against the Cardinals in 1987(he was on the Giants at that time).  They were behind in the series 2 games to 1, and they ended up winning 4 to 2.  I did some research, and that was the only post-season game he pitched in.  What a fabulous game it was for him – he pitched the entire 9 innings, allowed 2 runs on 9 hits and 1 walk.  No wonder it was memorable!

Kuip mentioned that his most memorable moment came during his first Opening Day in Cleveland.  He said there were close to 80,000 in attendance that day, and he commented, “I don’t remember taking a breath.”  Hard to imagine “Smooth” being nervous about anything.  Kruk chimed in and asked him about when he played second base during Dennis Eckersley’s no hitter and Len Barker’s perfect game.  Kuip replied, “Yeah, that was cool.”  Beautiful.  Thanks for answering my question, Guys!

So how about our boys?  Haven’t they been playing so well lately, even with the injuries they’ve had to endure?  Major kudos to Matt Duffy for stepping up and really strutting his stuff.  They had a side-by-side comparison of Matt vs. Pablo the other day after the game, and Matt has actually done better so far this season.  Remember during the off-season how concerned we were about who would replace Pablo?  Those days are gone and forgotten!  It’s kind of like Joe Panik last year, coming in and claiming the second base role.  Joe’s been having an amazing season as well.  And Brandon Crawford and Buster Posey have been on fire lately, adding to the increased offense we’ve seen in the last two series (which we took, by the way!!).  And Madison couldn’t be outdone on the offensive side, so he had to go and get a homerun yesterday!

The only concerns are the weakened outfield due to Hunter and Nori being out and the questionable lineup with Matt and Jake coming back.  We’ll get our first run through of the new lineup this week, with Matt scheduled to pitch on Thursday in Miami and Jake Friday in Washington.  I have to admit I’m kind of scared about this.  Matt’s coming back after a strained flexor tendon, so really he’s an unknown.  At least he did fairly well in his rehab starts.  Jake, on the other hand, was rather scary in his last rehab start, giving up 5 runs in the first inning.  And this was against a AAA team!  He’s coming back from a back injury and he’s not a spring chicken anymore at 34, so who knows if he’ll have a flare up.  I’m assuming that on Thursday Timmy will go on the DL due to his arm injury (that helped him save face since he probably would have been replaced anyway) and then Huddy will be put on the DL to give him some rest.  We’ll see.  The fingers are already crossed.  It sounds like Bochy will continue with the outfield bandage of Susac behind the dish, Buster at first, and Brandon Belt in left until our outfielders get back.  Susac’s bat has been another ray of sunshine in all of this.  I just hope Brandon can handle the defense in left – it would be tragic if teams start taking advantage of that weakness (and it’s not poor Brandon’s fault).

The guys begin a series in Miami tomorrow, then one in Washington.  They listened to me last time and took both series, so I’m going to make a plea again.  Since the Marlins haven’t been so hot lately, and since their star Giancarlo Stanton is out with an injury, I’m asking for a sweep in Miami.  I really think the boys are playing well enough that they can do it.  Just hope the heat and humidity don’t get to them.  The Nationals are another story, so I’m hoping we can take the series.  I know it’s a big order, but do it for Nori and Hunter – they deserve it.  Not to mention us fans!  Still one game behind the Dodgers in the West.  Hoping we can take over the lead by the time I blog again.  Come on boys!  You can do it!  GO GIANTS!!  WIN SOME FOR US!!


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