Spilling the Beer

Had another wonderful time watching my boys with my sister and my nieces yesterday.  Great game and we won again!  Got to see Heston pitch, Nori’s return (the crowd went wild when his name was announced), a Crawford homerun, three double plays, a torturous double error in the ninth to keep things exciting, and some silly Brewers antics.  Plus the weather last night was lovely.  We sat on the View Level this time.  Granted you’re not as close to the action up there, but you can still see everything, the view is breathtaking, and the fans are so much more into it up there than in the more expensive seats.  I had missed that.  The icing was that they won and I got to hear Tony sing again, bringing my current season record to 4 and 2.  We’re now only half a game behind the Dodgers and looking so good I’m sure it won’t be long before we overtake them.  I love being a Giants fan right now!

There were two calls that the Giants disputed during the game last night.  I didn’t know at the time because I was in the stands, but come to find out on the way home that both were attributed to our old friend, Phil Cuzzi.  He’s the umpire who was doing a horrible job behind the plate at a Giants game a few weeks ago that ended up booting Ryan Vogelsong and Bruce Bochy.  At least this time his calls could be reviewed (you can’t ask for a review of ball and strike calls).  And lo and behold, both of his calls were overturned.  On the first one, Duffy was called out when he was “tagged” at second.  Even from my vantage point in the View Level behind home plate it was obvious that the guy missed the tag.  How could he have blown that??  Then Carlos Gomez of the Brewers stole second and was called safe.  The replay showed that he was tagged before he got to the base.  At least that one was a little closer, but on the big screen it was evident that he was tagged in time.  How does Cuzzi still have a job?  I dread the game Wednesday when he will be behind the plate again.

When Gomez was called out on that replay, he acted like a little baby.  He stormed off the field and threw his helmet on the ground.  At that point he was kicked out of the game by another ump, but he refused to leave the dugout.  The ump had to walk over and make him leave.  Really?  What is with these guys?  I loved Duane Kuiper’s comment on the whole thing.  He said the only guy he should be mad at is himself.  If you steal second with a 2-run deficit, you better make it.  To make things worse, the manager, Craig Counsell, then went out to yell at the ump.  What did he think that was going to accomplish besides getting himself kicked out as well?  The final decision on the play was made in New York, not on the field.  Counsell was given the boot as well.  At that point it didn’t really matter that either was gone because it was the ninth inning, but it was such a waste of our time.  All of the booing by the crowd was kind of fun, though.

I had a revelation last night at the game regarding food, specifically hot dogs.  I love grilled onions on my hot dog, and I only found them as an option for my dog once during the entire time I’ve been going to games.  Why aren’t they standard fare?  And where can the elusive grilled onions be found?  The mystery was solved last night.  I spied a woman with grilled onions on her dog and asked where she had gotten it.  She directed me to a Doggie Diner booth.  Only Doggie Diner offers the grilled onions, not the standard vendors!  Plus I think their Giant dogs are a bit bigger than the others.  So now you know!

Last night was the first time this season that I saw Panda hats in the crowd – at least three of them.  I wondered at the beginning of the season if they would linger even with Panda gone, but up until then I hadn’t seen a single one.  All the wearers were teenage boys.  What were they thinking?  Could they be that clueless?  It wasn’t that cold, so the answer can’t be for warmth.  I have to admit I was angered by it.  He’s gone, and frankly good riddance!  Don’t remind me, please!  My Panda hat is still sitting in my closet, waiting for me to donate it to Goodwill.  No way I would wear that thing again.

On the way home, I was listening to KNBR and Ray Woodson increased my baseball strategy knowledge.  I always learn so much from listening to those guys.  At one point in the game, Crawford was on third and Pagan was in the on-deck circle.  Crawford ended up coming in to score right before a throw to home was made.  Woodson mentioned that at that point, Pagan’s role should have been to take over as base coach and tell Crawford whether he had time to come in standing or whether he should slide, but he just stood back and watched.  Luckily Crawford was safe anyway.  So many things these guys need to keep in mind, even when they’re on deck.  I had no idea.

I was surprised when Joaquin Arias was DFA’d yesterday to make room for Nori Aoki when he returned.  I really thought it would be Maxwell.  I love Arias, and I think he is a strong bench player, but apparently the Giants think Ehire Adrianza is better.  Word is that since neither had any options left, they thought that Adrianza had a better chance of being picked up off waivers so they took the chance with Arias.  I hope he isn’t picked up so that he can stay a Giant.  He’s been so important to the team.  Keeping my fingers crossed.

Was also shocked to hear that Troy Tulowitzki was traded from the Rockies to the Blue Jays yesterday.  That guy is amazing.  At least we won’t have to worry about facing him anymore as he’ll be out of the NL West and into the American League.  And they mentioned on KNBR yesterday that the trade might bode well for Brandon Crawford as he’s one less outstanding short stop he’ll have to compete with for awards this season.  And you know our boy Brandon is destined for some major recognition this season with the way he’s been playing.

With regards to trades, nothing for the Giants yet, but there has been a lot of talk about them acquiring a starter to put second in the rotation behind Bumgarner.  Three names that have been tossed around are Jeff Samardzija, David Price, and Cole Hamels.  All three would be expensive, plus we would probably have to give up some strong prospects, so I’m not sure the Giants would really end up going for it.  Plus they’ve got a lot of competition from other teams for these guys, including the dreaded Dodgers.  I myself am pulling for Cole Hamels.  For selfish reasons – the boy doesn’t spit!  And you gotta like that fact that he recently pitched a no hitter (missed out on the Domino’s pizza for that one!).

Just for fun I decided to check in on the status of the Tortoise Race – the homerun race between Joe Panik and Matt Duffy.  As of this morning, Panik is at 7 and Duffy is at 9.  Pretty impressive for Duffy, considering he didn’t hit a single homerun in his entire college career.  Amazing what putting on a little weight can do for you.  Just don’t follow your cat’s example to the extremes, Kid!  Keep battling, Guys!

My boys are doing their part to keep the momentum going as we reach the upcoming tougher schedule.  Hope they can keep it up.  Loving this!  Until next time, GO GIANTS!  SPILL SOME MORE BEER!


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