It DID Get Better!

Last I blogged, Giants Fan Carm was feeling mighty low.  The boys were about to start the series with Houston after suffering a 4-game sweep by the Cubs.  Figured we had a chance of splitting the two games with Houston, and we did.  A sweep would have been nice, but can’t be greedy after all.  The win on Tuesday was so much sweeter after that sweep.  Tony never sounded so good.  So on to the Washington series and the likes of Stephen Strasburg and Max Scherzer, two of the toughest pitchers in the National League.   Gulp.  Did anyone else figure those first two games were pretty much over before they started?  Come on, be honest!  I love my boys but I’m also realistic.  I should know better.  Strasburg game – even though the Nats started off the game with a homerun, my boys one upped them at the end of the inning, scoring two runs.  Vogey recovered and pitched a gem, allowing only two more hits in the next 4 innings.  His showing, combined with wicked relief from Strickland, Romo, and Casilla, allowed that lead in the first to hold.  YEAH!!  Scherzer game – Giants got 6 runs in the first three innings.  WHAT??  OFF OF SUPERHUMAN SCHERZER??  Matt Cain pitched beautifully up until the 5th when he gave up 4 runs.  But the boys had his back – the relievers came to the rescue, allowing only 1 hit (thank you Affeldt, Kontos, Osich, Romo, and Lopez).  Scherzer thwarted!  The beautiful thing about these two games was that once again this season, everyone contributed.  Timely hits, spectacular defense, and amazing pitching came from all over the place.  This is the team that I seriously still think can come through and win the division this season.  Yes, I said it.  We’re only 2 ½ games behind the Dodgers right now and presently strutting our stuff, even against tough teams and even while dealing with a bunch of injuries.  I’m liking it!  Gio Gonzalez today – piece of cake!!!

There have been a lot of rumors lately about the Giants acquiring Chase Utley from the Phillies.  It was also confirmed by Bobby Evans that a trade offer for him has been made (no details available right now).  I don’t get this.  I know he was also talked about last season to take over for Marco Scutaro, but since then the guy’s numbers have plummeted.  He’s currently hitting .208 (and that’s not a typo), down from .270 last season, with 4 home runs and 29 RBI.  But after doing some investigating, these numbers may be misleading.  Utley went on the 15-day DL with ankle inflammation in late June, and since he’s come back he’s gone 11 for 22 with 4 doubles.  That’s .500 folks.  Looks to me like the guy is trying to impress someone, even though he has a no-trade clause in his contract.  But who wouldn’t want to leave the Phillies right now, who are 17 games out and bottom feeding in the NL East??  On the pro side, Utley can give us some much needed depth at second both offensively and defensively while Joe Panik is out.  On the con side, he’s owed $4 million for the remainder of the year, he may not be interested in being a backup second baseman, and he’s an old man (36) so his recent hitting may not be sustainable.  Will keep you posted as this plays out.  Inevitably there will be some breakthrough on this right after I post today!

So many injuries to deal with lately.  Figured I’d catch you all up on what’s been going on with the roster lately.  Nori Aoiki was placed on the concussion DL as he was feeling nauseated and lightheaded a few days after he was hit in the head with a fastball.  He says that he’s not feeling that bad, so hopefully that means he’ll really be back with us after the 7 days are over.  Concussions are tricky, though, so you never know.  Keeping all my fingers crossed.  He was replaced by Ryan “Lolly, lolly, lolly, get your adverbs here” Lollis.  Angel was put on the DL (finally) due to patella tendonitis (AKA knee problems).  We all knew that was coming.  Hopefully some rest will do him good.  He has been replaced by Dan’s boy, Juan Perez.  It was nice to see him batting again the other day.  Josh Osich came back up to the Bigs when Mike Leake went on the DL with hamstring issues and Ryan Vogelsong has filled in beautifully for Leake as a starter.  Leake is expected to return early next week (more finger crossing).  Andrew Susac hit an RBI double in a rehab game in San Jose Thursday so hopefully he’ll be back soon to fill in for Buster when needed.  Joe Panik remains on the DL with no clear end in sight.  Gosh, I miss that kid!  Also of note is the fact that Nick Noonan was resigned to a minor league contract with the Giants.  He played in the Yankees organization last season, but was released recently and picked up by his original team.  Welcome back, Nick!

Congrats to Brandon Crawford on receiving the Heart and Hustle Award presented by the Major League Baseball Players Alumni Association to one player on each MLB team who demonstrates a passion for the game of baseball and best embodies the values, spirit, and traditions of the game.  With his all-out play, dedication to charity, and all-around good guy-ness, you couldn’t have chosen a more deserving guy for this award.  Nice job, Kid!

The Giants marketing team is truly amazing.  They are having a Full House event at the end of September, and they have released this video promoting it.  This thing is spectacular!  All my boys surely rose to the occasion.  Of course Brandon Crawford plays the part of his doppelganger, John Stamos.  My favorite part of the whole thing is Javi Lopez – hysterical!  You can also watch the original to see how close they got with this.  Love, love, love it!

Also have one more reason to love Kruk and Kuip.  Check out this video of the pregame show on Friday night (you have to click on the thumbnail of Kruk and Kuip wearing ring hats down below).  Oh my gosh, I adore these two!  Especially love when Kuip starts making his wiggle.  And Ahmed’s initial reaction.  We are so very fortunate to have these guys around!

Today Jake Peavy goes against Gio Gonzalez.  With as well as Jake’s been doing, I have to say I’m looking forward to some late-night crooning by Tony.  I know we can do this.  Hoping the boys can finish with the Nats, and then carry that much-needed momentum to face the league-leading Cardinals and the oh-so-hot Pirates on the road.  I know these guys can do it.  Just keep on doing what you’ve been doing.  We’re all behind you.  Until next time, GO GIANTS!!  GAIN SOME GROUND ON THOSE DREADED DODGERS!!



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      Yeah, I realized it right after I published it. It’s there now. Since you got it through Email, you got the original “Carm is a dufus” copy. Sorry! Love you back, Sistah!

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