Not Giving Up…Yet

Last I blogged, we had just won the Saturday game against the Rockies.  The boys came through and won on Sunday as well.  Even with a 7 ½ game deficit to the Dodgers and only a handful of games left to play, I was staying positive.  Tough thing to do under those circumstances.  But I’m a pretty positive person.  Then it happened.  We were facing the Diamondbacks, and the Diamondbacks stink.  Low hanging fruit.  A chance to gain some ground.  And we lost the series, only winning one game against them.  Sigh.  I have to admit, I was ready to throw in the towel.  Even had the title for my next blog ready, and it wasn’t a happy one.  Looking ahead to a future filled with a lack of run support for pitchers who are finally seeming to pull it together was not promising.  I had hit rock bottom and given up.

Then the Padres series happened.  The Padres also suck, but I assumed after the Diamondback trouncing we were in for it again.  Nothing had changed – same lineup lacking several key players (Pence, Aoki, Panik, Crawford), same lack of power.  Never assume.  And never underestimate the strength of this team.  They demolished the Padres.  And that lack of power somehow morphed into a series where we outscored the Pads 27 to 4.  And the inexperienced rookies (including Adrianza and Tomlinson) gained some confidence and started making beautiful plays just like their ailing counterparts.  And then all of a sudden Angel was back hitting the way he used to, stealing bases, and making amazing catches in the outfield like this one.  And then there was that almost perfect game by our pitching savior, Madison Bumgarner.  How could you lose faith in a team like that?  We’re still 7 ½ games behind the Dodgers, just like last week.  Only 19 games to play.  But again, 4 of those games are against the Dodgers.  If we can gain at least 3 games on them by the time they come here at the end of the month, it’s still possible.  And we’re looking better than we were last week at this time.  Tough, but still possible.  Staying positive.

How about Madison last night?  If anyone deserves a perfect game, he does.  I was so disappointed when Upton got that hit, but still a stellar performance by our boy.  Definitely something to be proud of.  And what a frustrating night it was for me last night!  Of all nights, for the first time ever I couldn’t get the game on TV.  For some reason the local NBC affiliate wasn’t showing it, even though everyone I know was watching on NBC.  I was losing my mind, especially when the importance of that game became clear.  I got on social media to see if anyone else in the area could find the game to no avail.  I even called Comcast, but they couldn’t help me.  I ended up going out to my car to listen on the radio so that I could somehow share in the excitement and listen to my guys calling the game (watching on Gameday just wasn’t cutting it!).  Finally MLB network switched over from the Angels game to the Giants in about the 7th inning, so I was able to catch the amazing defensive play made by Adrianza that kept the perfect game alive and then the hit by Upton that killed it.  Sigh.  I apologize to anyone who had to read my texts and posts on Facebook during that time.  I was one frantic woman!

Going to share some random thoughts from the last week that I thought you might find interesting.  First off, the fact that Bruce Bochy got booed at home for the first time ever.  And if I was at the park, I would have booed him, too.  His son, Brett, was pitching in the ninth inning on Friday night.  Brett managed to get two guys out, but then dad came out to get him so that Yusmeiro Petit could get some work in (the bullpen is so huge now that guys aren’t getting much of a chance to pitch).  Boch got booed big time by the crowd on his way out to the mound.  According to the elder Bochy, “That was pretty emotional for me. I was kind of caught there. I’m not going to lie to you, the crowd influenced me. I needed to get Petey some work. I got a battalion down there (in the bullpen). I could hear the crowd. I told Brett: I need to give Petey some work, but you’ve got this hitter.”  As Boch walked back to the dugout, the crowd cheered and started chanting, “Boch-y!  Boch-y!”  What a great moment for the kid.  And he proceeded to strike out that hitter, ending the game.  Sweet.

In the 8th inning of that game, this guy made an appearance.  That’s Giants relief pitcher Cory Gearrin.  I had never heard of him before, and magically he was there.  He played for the River Cats this season and was called up on September 8th.  Why am I even mentioning this?  The guy has major stink eye.  If I had to hit against him, I think I would drop the bat, run away, and cry.  Creepy.

Has anyone else noticed the plastic animals that the guys have in the dugout on the Powerade cooler?  They’re a collection of multicolored dinosaurs and snakes and other critters.  Found out through Amy G.’s Instagram account that some mystery player started the whole thing with one green dinosaur.  They call him “Winodactyl.”  He even showed up on Matt Cain’s dashboard.  Then a grey rat showed up.  And they continue to multiply.  During today’s game, I noticed at least 10 critters atop the Powerade cooler.  They even have their own hashtag now – #dinopower.  Even fans are adding to the collection.  Check out Amy’s picture from today’s game.  And here’s the original picture of Winodactly.  Guess they’re good luck charms.  They sure worked this weekend!  Love those crazy boys!  Always having fun!

Haven’t done a spit count in a while (was planning on doing one last night, but Comcast nixed that!!), but I did have a snotrocket sighting the other day.  It was during the game on September 7th.  And it wasn’t the usual suspect, Mad Bum.  This time it was, of all people, Matt Duffy!  He let one fly during an at bat.  So silly.  And so yucky.

This week we take on the Reds and the D-Bags.  Both stink.  Especially the Reds who are 60 and 82.  We need to capitalize and creep up on the Dodgers this week.  I’m hoping that being at home will do the boys some good – it sure did this weekend.  Maybe that will make a difference with the D-Bags this time.  And my boys get another day of rest this Thursday, so they can be fresh for Friday.  Maybe next weekend I’ll be able to report that we’re only 5.5 games out.  It could happen, especially since the stinkin’ Dodgers are taking on the Pirates this week, and the Pirates definitely don’t stink.  Still keeping the faith.  Hope you are, too.  Until next time, GO GIANTS!!  FEEL THE POWER OF THE WINADACTYL!



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  2. mlblogscatlovesthedodgers

    We Dodger fans never count out the Giants! It seems September is when the Giants get their second wind and are unbeatable. The good luck charms are really cute. BTW I actually met Angel Pagan and gorgeous Brandon Crawford when they were at Dodger Stadium. So super nice!! Love your blog. Check mine out.

  3. giantsfancarm

    Thanks for the comment, Cat! Great to hear the perspective of a Dodgers fan. Don’t want to jinx anything, but I’m really proud of my boys right now. I’ve also had the pleasure of meeting both Angel and Brandon, albeit briefly. Glad they left a good impression down there.

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