It Wasn’t All Bad…

It’s all my fault!  The Giants lost the last two days because of me!  I posted at the end of my last blog that the A’s stink, and that must have ticked them off!  What has gotten into them?  Actually, they had just taken a series against the Angels 3 games out of 4, and I would imagine that gave them some momentum coming into the Bay Area rivalry.  I’m sorry, Giants fans!  It’s all on me!

Seriously, what is going to happen with Jeff Samardzija?  He’s had some issues of late with guys making solid contact off of him.  I wonder if maybe he’s forgotten the advice I’m sure Dave Righetti gave him at the beginning of the season.  Somehow he was doing better then.  And the bullpen got lit up yesterday (except for Josh Osich and Derek Law).  This was strange because they had been doing so well lately.  Do you think that rivalry really means that much to the A’s that they were just more motivated to win?

And I’ve been really trying hard not to go there, but we really need to do something about the Casilla situation.  He just doesn’t seem to consistently be able to handle the closer role.  I think it’s too much pressure for him.  I bet Bobby Evans is extremely busy right now trying to find someone who would be a little more dependable as it’s looking like we have a good shot at making the playoffs.  Sorry, Santiago, but you’re driving everyone NUTS!

I was at the game yesterday.  I mentioned the $10 View Level tickets in my last blog, plus my brother got a free parking pass.  Cheapest AT&T Park experience for me in a long while.  Even though we lost, I still really enjoyed that game.  Of course, going with my family (my brother along with my other brother and by niece who tagged along with us) is always a fun thing.  And my niece and I were able to get on TV while they were doing the CSN broadcast from Willie Mays Plaza!  Our heads were right behind Tim Flannery!  Our minute of fame!  There were a ton of A’s fans there, and you really had to appreciate what loyal fans they are what with the horrible things Billy Beane has done to that team.  Tough to stay loyal when the players are constantly changing.  There was even a crowd of yellow in the right field bleachers, complete with a drummer!  That’s some loyalty!  There was one sitting behind us, along with his father who is a Giants fan.  He was a crackup!  He kept spouting trivia to his dad that wasn’t true!  He celebrated a lot when the A’s would do something good (which is to be expected – and he wasn’t really obnoxious), but then he also kept it real and constantly was cutting down the A’s players as well.  So funny!  We laughed a lot.  The part I really enjoyed was how even though the pitching crashed, the offense kept coming back and scoring runs.  I’m sure this was a huge ego boost for a lot of our players, especially the kids.  Five guys had multiple hit games, plus Conor Gillaspie went 4 for 5 and Brandon Crawford had 5 RBI.  And those back-to-back homers by Jarrett Parker and Denard Span revived the overwhelmed crowd at the end of the game.  I like offense, and this team is going to need it if they are to survive all the injuries they’ve been plagued with.

Speaking of injuries, want to send a shoutout to Joe Panik, who was pulled from the lineup right before the game yesterday due to concussion symptoms.  He had been struck by a pitch on the back of his helmet 10 days previous in Tampa Bay.  He passed three days worth of concussion tests at the time, but concussions can be tricky.  I’m guessing he has had other symptoms all along that he was hiding.  Hope now he can get some rest and get over it.  We all know how long it took Brandon Belt to overcome his concussion last season.  Don’t want to have Joe out of the lineup that long, but would rather that than have him seriously injured.  Take it easy, Joe, and please let the coaches know how you are really feeling.  Actually, LISTEN, BOYS – BE HONEST WHEN DISCUSSING INJURIES!  It is better in the longrun for you and your fans.

I’m definitely going to do a spit count tonight.  At the game last night, I saw Stephen Vogt catching for the A’s and was reminded that he can spit up a storm.  In fact, he logged the most spits by a non-Giant last season, expelling 34 in a single game, the majority of which exited THROUGH HIS CATCHER’S MASK!  I see he’s catching tonight, so that game should be spitacular!

I’ll leave you with a little nugget I found on Gregor Blanco’s blog today.  If you haven’t read his blog, you should.  Here’s the link.  Today’s addition is extra specially heartwarming because he discusses how great an experience it was to work with kids in the Challenger Divisions of Little League Baseball.  Also in his blog, he mentions that each team is running someone for president this season.  He just happens to be the candidate for the Giants.  Check out his campaign video.  So much silliness!  And definitely better looking!

So I think since we lost two in our house to the A’s, we need to take two from them in their house.  It’s only fair.  Jake and Madison (if they get run support like last night) can do it.  We just need the starters to go deep so the bullpen can get some rest.  Until next time, GO GIANTS!  GIVE THE GIANTS FANS AT OAKLAND COLISEUM SOMETHING TO CHEER ABOUT!


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