How Do You Solve a Problem Like Casilla?

HE BALKED IN THE WINNING RUN!  HE SKIPPED OFF THE RUBBER!  HE DIDN’T GET AN OUT!  HE WASTED BUSTER’S HOME RUN!  WHAT THE HELL?  OK – I’ve tried to be patient.  I love the guy, and I know he’s a very talented pitcher.  But I think we can all safely say that he shouldn’t be the closer anymore.  If we have any hope of taking it all the way this season, Santiago Casilla should no longer be the closer.  Any time he comes in, everyone holds their breath, then screams.  And my mom’s blood pressure goes up.  And the tenth inning yesterday was just downright pulling-your-teeth-out-one-by-one torture.  In the post game, even Duane Kuiper mentioned, “The trade deadline is in two weeks.”  If he’s saying it, you know it’s a big deal.  Fans have mentioned that Sergio Romo should take over the closer job, but that’s not a solution either.  He had that job, and he couldn’t handle it either.  We need a proven closer.  I’ve been trying to put some sort of positive spin on this thing, as Giants Fan Carm likes to accentuate the positive, and the only thing I’ve come up with is that this will start a fire under Bobby Evans to finally take action and get someone ASAP.  Not sure who it will be at this point, and kind of afraid of who we’re going to have to give up to get someone fabulous (key prospects Christian Arroyo, Tyler Beede, and Phil Bickford have been mentioned), but it’s reached the point where I think even the players want some sort of move to happen.

One other positive from that game – I learned a new baseball strategy from Duane Kuiper that I had never heard about.  He said that in certain situations, his manager would encourage him to drop a pop fly.  For example, if there was a runner on first, you could drop the ball and throw the guy out at second (because he wouldn’t be running thinking the ball would be caught) instead of getting the batter out.  You couldn’t do this if it was an infield pop fly because the infield fly rule would come into play, but you could if it was in the outfield.  This comes in handy if the guy on base is a faster base runner than the guy at bat.  Crazy!  He also mentioned that even though this play was only put on rarely, he didn’t like to do it because the crowd wouldn’t know he had dropped the ball on purpose and think he was a loser.  Ha ha!  Jon Miller mentioned that they don’t use this play anymore.  Well, at least we don’t think they do – who knows!

We can’t lose today’s game.  We can’t be swept by the Padres, of all teams.  That would give us horrible mojo going to the east coast.  And I want them to be happy over there so that I can witness some good games and not be at the mercy of the Yankee and Red Sox fans.  We need a happy flight.  Johnny’s pitching today, so I’m pretty sure they’ll win since he’s motivated to erase that horrible All Star start from the minds of his fans.  He can do it.  My boys can do it.  They just need to get more than a 3-run lead early!  Eliminate the Casilla factor!  Will be interesting to see if Casilla will even be used in that role now after yesterday.  Until next time, GO GIANTS!  BURN THE PADRES’ BROOM!


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