Spit Analysis 2016

As promised, I’ve compiled all my spit data from last season.  Everybody hates all the spitting, right??  Well, here’s the scoop on who’s been doing all the spitting on the Giants, plus recognition for those who refrain from it and make me happy.  During the 2016 Giants baseball season, I counted spits during a total of 13 games.  These are my results:

# of games Total # of Avg. # of Highest # of
caught spitting spits spits/game spits/game
Cueto 6 67 11.2 26
Law 1 5 5 5
Gillaspie 5 24 4.8 9
Green 1 4 4 4
Peavy 3 10 3.3 6
Belt 13 40 3.1 6
Bumgarner 4 12 3 5
Span 9 26 2.9 6
Duffy 4 10 2.5 4
Tejada 2 5 2.5 4
Parker 7 16 2.3 4
Bochy 6 12 2 3
Pagan 6 12 2 3
Wotus 1 2 2 2*
Strickland 5 9 1.8 2
Casilla 4 6 1.5 2
Meulens 2 3 1.5 2
Posey 7 7 1 1
Samardzija 5 5 1 1
Tomlinson 3 3 1 1
Osich 2 2 1 1
Blanco 1 1 1 1*
Crawford 1 1 1 1
Kontos 1 1 1 1
Stratton 1 1 1 1
Hayes 1 1 1 1
Suarez 1 1 1 1*
Pence 1 1 1 1*
Kelly 1 1 1 1
Panik 1 1 1 1
Adrianza 1 1 1 1


*indicates that spit logged was due to expelling sunflower seed shells

I have to say that unlike last season, I was not surprised at our spit count leader this season.  The overall Spit Master General for the 2016 season was one of our newer additions and a favorite of mine, JOHNNY CUETO.  I noticed right from the start that Johnny was going to be a high volume spitter.  He logged 26 spits during the game on April 16th, the highest single game spit record for a Giants player last season.  Thankfully he came nowhere near the all-time Giants record set last season by Andrew Susac at 41.  And also thankfully the spitting does not appear to be due to tobacco chewing.  Still love watching the guy pitch, but the spitting definitely can make it challenging sometimes.

Here are some other records of note in the area of spit counts last season:

  • Most spits in a game by a non-Giant – Stephen Vogt of the A’s (again) at 32 on June 29th
  • Lowest spit count average – 1 spit every 6.9 minutes (April 9th the Dodgers)
  • Highest spit count average – 1 spit every 2.5 minutes (June 29th the A’s – again Vogt skewed the data on this one!)
  • Highest number of Madison Bumgarner snot rockets in a single game – 7 (on both April 9th the Dodgers and June 8th vs. the Red Sox)

Also of note is the fact that Brandon Belt was caught spitting in every single spit count that I did.  For shame!!  And YUCK!!

Even though all the spitting (and snot rockets) does get me down, I always look forward to recognizing those guys that somehow have not picked up the nasty habit of expelling their saliva like the vast majority of their counterparts.  These guys are my heroes.  And thankfully, I’ve got a bunch to recognize from last season.

First off, there were an amazing four guys who played regularly during the season and were NEVER caught spitting.  (envelope please)  The Thank You For Not Spitting Award for the 2016 Giants season goes to JAVIER LOPEZ, TREVOR BROWN, CORY GEARRIN, and RAMIRO PENA!!  Javi makes the list for the second season in a row, even while he pitched in 9 of the games that I counted.  Way to go, Javi!  Trevor was a surprise to me, especially because he is a catcher.  When catchers are in the game they are on camera a lot – tough to sneak a spit that way.  Trevor played in 6 of the games that I counted and never got caught once.  Cory was another surprise as it’s tough for pitchers to make my list as well since they are on camera almost the entire time they are in the game.  Cory pitched in 4 of the games I counted and stayed spit-free.  Then there’s Ramiro who I almost forgot about since he didn’t play near the end of the season when Joe Panik came back and we acquired Eduardo Nunez.  Ramiro never got caught spitting even though he played in 4 of the games that I counted.  I salute and appreciate all of you for keeping your saliva where it belongs – IN YOUR MOUTH!  Check your mailboxes come next April for those certificates (suitable for framing, of course!)!

Two other players were each only caught once spitting even though they played in the majority of the games I counted.  And each of those single spits was due to expelling sunflower seeds.  I’m going to give them a break and recognize this achievement as well.  They are GREGOR BLANCO and HUNTER PENCE.  Both these guys have made my list before, and both deserve recognition for this feat.  Thanks for resisting the urge to spit, Guys!

I’m also giving several Honorable Mentions this season – guys who won’t be officially recognized with a certificate but still deserve some kudos.  Brandon Crawford and George Kontos were only caught spitting once each.  Try a little harder next time and you might just get that certificate!  Sergio Romo was never caught spitting, but he was out for a large part of the season and only pitched in 2 of the games I counted.  Thanks for the effort, Sergio!  Also Matt Cain only pitched in one of the games I counted, but he didn’t launch a single spit through 6 innings.  This is definitely worth recognizing.  Albert Suarez was in the same category as Gregor and Hunter, getting caught once and the one spit being a sunflower seed spit, but he didn’t pitch in any of the games I counted, so it doesn’t feel right to send a certificate.  For next season, I’ll definitely keep my eye on him in addition to Matt Moore, Eduardo Nunez, and Will Smith (who joined the team after I had stopped doing spit counts).  Remember – I’ll be watching!

Still waiting to hear some solid Hot Stove gossip, but nothing juicy yet.  Just a rumor that the Giants are thinking about getting Pablo back from the Red Sox.  Yeah, right.  There is no way that could ever happen.  He can’t keep the weight off (remember when his belt burst open while he was batting??), his numbers were way down last season, he was injured again, and he totally dissed the team and management on his way out of SF.  No.  This will not occur.  I don’t know who the writer from Boston is who “broke” this story, but he must be desperate for readers.  Come on!

Also heard that Sergio Romo is disappointed that no one from the Giants has contacted him yet about resigning.  Sergio is currently a free agent, and he says that other teams have shown interest.  I would assume he won’t hear anything until the Giants have signed a solid closer – that will dictate how much money they have left to offer.  Plus I still have a bad taste in my mouth about how Romo acted during the end of the season, laughing a couple of times walking off the field and in the dugout when Bochy took him out.  I hate disrespect.  I also think the Giants staff doesn’t appreciate it, either.  Romo says he wants to come back to the Giants, but he can also find happiness somewhere else.  We’ll see where he ends up.  With all the young up-and-coming bullpen talent the Giants have, I have a feeling it might be somewhere else.

On a final note, today is Hunter Pence’s wedding day.  I’m so excited for both him and Lexi – they make such an adorable couple and always seem to have so much fun together, including sharing lots of silliness.  Wishing both of them the best.  Also found out that like me, Hunter plays Pokemon Go (plus he’s on the same team as me – Team Instinct!).  Here’s a video of him and Lexi trying to get to a coffee shop in the City while Pokemon Go kind of gets in the way.  So funny!!  Love these two!

Still keeping my ears open for anything on the rumor front.  Hoping, hoping, hoping they can actually sign one of the top closers.  This is always one of the most frustrating times to be a baseball fan.  If you happen to hear anything, let me know.  On a happy note, I think we finalized the dates for our Spring Training trip.  Can’t wait!!  Until next time, GO GIANTS!!  SIGN A WICKED CLOSER!!


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