Highway (or Dirt Road) to Hell

@#$%&$#%$#$%^%*&^^%$#$#@!!!!!!!!!!!  Seriously?  With all the problems we’ve had so far this season, now this???  In case somehow you haven’t heard yet, Madison Bumgarner sustained a sprained left shoulder (yes – left – that would be his pitching arm) and bruised ribs after being involved in a dirt bike accident on his day off in Colorado yesterday.  The Giants have put him on the 10-Day DL, but it’s gotta take a lot longer than that for him to be ready to pitch again.  Seriously?  I am still in shock.  When I heard at work I went on a yelling rampage (luckily it was after school).  Can’t freakin’ believe this.  Why would you take that chance?  I wonder if he normally does stuff that risky on his off days.  Seriously?  And I was about to buy tickets to the Giants vs. Dodgers game on Tuesday because it was scheduled to be a Bumgarner vs. Kershaw matchup and View Reserve Infield tickets are less than $30.  That ain’t gonna happen now!  I am so ticked!!!  Ty Blach is scheduled to take Bumgarner’s place in the rotation on Tuesday.  At least he’s a lefty, and the Dodgers hate lefties.  But he’s not Madison.  GEEEEEEZZ!!!!!  How are we going to get out of the basement with all this craziness going on.  Need to go in a corner and count to 10 and practice my deep breathing.  Until next time, GO GIANTS!!!!  NO MORE SURPRISES PLEASE!!!

Oh, wait.  Just as I posted this, my sister informed me that the Giants team bus backed into a car on the way to Coors Field.  No mention if there are any injuries or not.  Seriously???  I told you, no more surprises!!!  Why aren’t you listening???  Until the next crazy update, GO GIANTS!!!  STOP THE INSANITY!!!



  1. jimsgin

    I’m going to stay positive with the hope they will come of this slump! Going to do a lot of Giants War dances and voodooing ceremonies. GO GIANTS ‼️⚾️‼️⚾️‼️⚾️‼️⚾️‼️⚾️‼️⚾️‼️⚾️‼️

  2. Marcie Bell

    As soon as I heard about this I thought of you. I told Tom that you were going to have at fit! Lol! This is a Bummer! No pun intended.

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